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Design, develop, manufacture and market high performance engineered plastic components.
Electro Polymers Industries was formed years ago, in 1989, in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We began our operations with a vision to design, develop, manufacture, export and supply well-engineered plastic components to customers in several industries. We work hard to attain our mission and abide by our values, which play a crucial role in our high growth and success in the field of thermoplastics.

Our Mission

At our company, we perform tasks with the mission to provide value to our clients by blending suitable applications through the adoption of modern technologies and cost-effective high-precision polymer components that help us achieve exceptional performance. We work hard and follow sound business practices, proven technologies, value-based operating processes, and ethical business relationships. In order to attain our mission, we sincerely follow our values and have invested in maintaining a strong team of trained and customer-focused people.
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Our trade philosophy is based on the core values of excellence, integrity, innovation, passion for results, and precise execution. We strongly believe that the growth and success of any company are based on the growth and success of its clients, and to have that, we ensure to follow core values in every daily business task.

We enjoy a prominent reputation in the market for our exceptional customer service, reliability, and assurance regarding the delivery of quality products within budget. We sincerely serve market leaders from various industries, such as ordnance, glass industry, irrigation industry, aerospace industry, chemical industry, boiler industry, and many more, as their critical OEM partner.


Our ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015-certified company provides a wide range of products that are made up of UHMWPE, PTFE, and nylon raw materials. We function with a mission to design, develop, manufacture, and market commendable plastic components to customers in various industries. We offer components in different colors and properties to be used across many industries. The products we provide are tested and verified at multiple levels by our engineers. We work hard to design and deliver high-precision components that meet the specific requirements of our customers. Furthermore, we are experts in providing isostatic-moulded components that are used to produce quality engineered products.

We enjoy an excellent reputation with customers from European, Australian, Middle Eastern, and African countries. With increasing prospects and interests in trade in the years ahead, we want to expand our reach to many other countries.

New Developments

We are focused on having regular developments in our industry and developing value-for-money products.

Sheet Lining

Sheet linings are extensively used for preventing corrosion and guarding against the contamination of highly pure materials. They form a layer of a distinct substance and protect the base material from abrasion. They put the fluoropolymers' wide-ranging characteristics to good use. Fluoropolymer-based sheet linings are praised in the market for their chemical, thermal, and non-stick qualities, in addition to their mechanical toughness. We employ the fluoropolymers PTFE, PFA, FEP, PP, and ETFE for sheet lining. We provide two varieties of sheet linings:

There are two types of sheet lining: bonded sheet lining (where the sheet is adhered to the metal with an adhesive and the joints are subsequently thermo-welded together) and loose sheet lining (where the sheet is simply welded together and fitted into a piece of metal equipment).

The advantages of sheet lining that have made it extensively demanded are affordable prices, preservation of purity at parts per billion, resistance to permeation, and greater durability than thermoset resins.

PTFE Powder Coating

A dry finishing procedure has gained high popularity in the market in the past few years. PTFE coatings are famous because of their long-lasting nature, non-stick surface, and thin film-like coating characteristics. As a result of their ability to provide products that can withstand low coefficients of friction, abrasion, high temperatures, and chemical resistance, this method is gaining popularity. The typical maximum temperature that this kind of coating can tolerate is 260C, which is also thought to be higher than any other fluoropolymer. Black (for technical applications) and green (for the pharmaceutical and food industries) are the two standard hues of PTFE powder coating.

Diaphragms (Made On CNC Machines)

Diaphragms are essential in many different sectors, although their use in many sectors seems simple for controlling the flow of liquids and gases. They are used for throttling service valves,bubble-light service, chemical resistivity owing to lining, eliminating stem leakage, and lack of pockets to capture particles and other contaminants. We provide diaphragms with different diameters, even in small quantities. The diaphragms are developed with the help of CNC machines that can handle complex designs and offer high accuracy. The diaphragms are made by us using a two-stage procedure that extends their lifespan by 1.5 times.

PP Made Components

Polypropylene (PP), which is created from mixtures of propylene monomers, was polymerized in the 1950s and has since grown to be one of the most commonly made polymers worldwide. Due to its low density and high coefficient of friction, PP allows manufacturers to make large weight savings. The elasticity and toughness, chemical resistance, transmissivity, fatigue resistance, and insulation of PP are some of its famous features. Due to its semi-crystalline makeup, PP is an easily accessible, reasonably priced material with high strength. PP has relative slickness and excellent resistance against absorbing moisture when compared to other polymers. Due to the low annealing temperature of PP and the fact that it is a soft material, cutting it demands high precision and accuracy. As a result, we employ modern CNC machines to precisely complete the process and give it the appropriate detailing. This technique allows for the joining of bushes, sheets, bolts, and nuts to develop the desired component.

Vessel/Tank Lining

Linings are one of the most traditional maintenance options for protecting against chemical, corrosion, and erosion threats. With the use of proper linings, the vessel or tank can be developed from inexpensive and easily formed materials. We provide lining services by making use of a variety of fluoropolymer materials. Our procedures are affordable, simple to use, and prevent corrosion while also extending the life of assets without the need for hot work and improving efficiency. The use of lining has proven its ability to lower maintenance, operational, and replacement expenses. They possess high resistance to explosive decompression and have tenacious adherence to a range of substrates, in addition to offering outstanding resistance to heat and chemicals. As required by customers, with the support of our group of highly qualified professionals, we provide recommendations on vessels and tanks.

PFA / FEP Lined Components

Many companies experience a variety of difficulties while handling and treating wastes and effluents that consist of extremely caustic and pristine media. The lifespan of traditional systems is affected by the high temperatures and pressures. Due to these circumstances, there is a heavy requirement for piping and equipment that have an anti-corrosive surface and the suitability to have chemically aggressive components, regardless of composition rate. Due to their chemical inertness, PFA and FEP lining materials are used to treat such issues. The majority of corrosion issues can be resolved with these materials. This approach is secure, economical, and environmentally friendly. These fluoropolymers, like others, are capable of withstanding corrosion from more types of chemicals at a range of pH levels and concentrations.

Specially Blended Grades Of PTFE

It is fairly common to blend polymers with additives. Combining PTFE compounds minimises cold flow under pressure and abrasion in dynamic applications requiring contact with paired surfaces. Fillers are typically grouped into:

Inorganic Fillers: As inorganic fillers have a greater frictional coefficient than PTFE, such as bronze, charcoal, graphite, glass fibre, MoS2, stainless steel 316, aluminium oxide, mice, calcium fluoride,etc., additional internal lubrication is needed to minimise friction.
Organic Fillers: Compared to inorganic fillers, organic fillers such as polyphenylene sulphide, polyimide, and polyether ether ketone (PEEK) have high resistance against temperature. They also cause a smaller rise in the frictional coefficient. In this situation, further internal lubricant additives are typically not necessary for PTFE compounds.
Pigmentation: For a variety of purposes, many industries demand pigmented (coloured or dyed) fillers to develop colors such as red, blue, green, and yellow.

In order to acquire the necessary mechanical, electrical, thermal, and tribological qualities, we at Electro Polymers Industries process the fillers. With these characteristics, hardness and thermal conductivity are raised, wear resistance is improved, and the linear coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction is decreased.

Over time, we have grown our product line and started selling many raw materials, such as UHMWPE and Nylon. In the initial days of business, we commenced with just a few PTFE-made raw materials. We are currently working on PP and PVDF component development. Other development projects are also in progress; details will be released soon.

Our Team

A team of creative and knowledgeable professionals supports our business. Our exceptional success in this industry is completely a result of teams commitment. These professionals are knowledgeable enough to recognize and appropriately meet the needs of our clients. Our professionals are adept at managing challenging circumstances and offering a unique solution within a set time. Our workforce is made up of engineers, quality inspectors, purchasing agents, skilled and unskilled labours, and sales and marketing personnel.

Quality Assurance 

Both product quality and client satisfaction are given top importance by our business. To grow as a reliable business in the industry, we have created a thorough and sophisticated quality testing unit. This section includes modular testing apparatus and equipment, which enable us to cross check the defect-freeness of UHWMPE Chain Guide, ELPOL PTFE Block, Lined Pipe Fittings, ELPOL PTFE Machining Parts, etc. Our facilities are routinely upgraded and maintained to ensure continuity in our business operations. In order to protect these products from damage while in transit, we also provide strong packaging.


An advanced and spacious processing facility is located close to Ahmedabad, Gujarat, on the west coast of India. The area occupied by this facility is 35,000 square feet. This facility includes a manufacturing unit, a quality-testing unit, a storage and packaging unit, etc. for the smooth and efficient flow of connected activities. We have updated the manufacturing equipment and technology at our production site to increase both the quality and the production rate. Our highly qualified employees efficiently operate the machinery that has been installed, assuring the prompt manufacture of goods of the highest quality.

Why Us?

Due to our high-tech internal facilities and team of competent professionals, we are able to satisfy the needs of our clients and excel in this field. The following are additional variables that contribute to our extensive clientele in the market:

  • A cutting-edge infrastructural facility and extremely skilled professionals.
  • Strict requirements for quality and client-centered strategy.
  • Customizing capability and reputable business practices.

Brands We Deal In 

All our products are available under the brand name ELPOL.

Industries We Serve 

  • Aerospace Industries
  • Automotive Industries
  • Chemical Process Industries
  • Construction Industries
  • Conveyor Industries
  • Food Beverage Industries
  • Food Processing Industries
  • Industrial Market Industries
  • Medical Industries
  • Oil & Gas Industries
  • Semi Conductor Industries
  • Water & Environmental Industries

Mission and Vision 

Thanks to our resources for manufacturing cutting-edge work, some industrial applications based on specially created technology are also prepared.

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